CREAM builds ESG department

Anna Scipio del Campo, Head of ESG Project, CREAM Property Advisors

CREAM Property Advisors is expanding its business to include ESG and sustainability consultancy. In charge of building the new team is Anna Scipio del Campo, who has taken on the role Head of ESG Projects.

In her new role, Anna Scipio del Campo will develop ESG solutions for external clients to address the environment (E), corporate social responsibility (S) and corporate governance (G). She will advise property owners on planning and implementing green changes in commercial buildings and on their own businesses, as well as prepare reports that, due to the European Union’s environmental policy, more and more companies will have to submit from 2024 onwards. Anna will be strongly supported in her duties by the Savings & Green Profits team, whose main objective is to optimise property operating  costs and transition properties to green energy solutions through technological innovation.

In addition, Anna Scipio del Campo will be able to prepare strategy reports on ESG for clients.  Indeed one of her first tasks will be the introduction of a Responsible Operating & Development Policy into the Cream Property Advisors structure.

One of Cream Property Advisors’ main mottoes is to increase the value of properties for its clients, hence the technological innovation and the cost optimisation departments will work closely together with the newly appointed ESG team. This will result in a higher standard of practical advice that will not be limited to presenting dry solutions, but can have a real impact on how companies operate and how they are viewed by investors & clients.

This will also translate into significant savings and cost reductions in the operating costs of commercial properties. ‘In today’s economic and business reality, the service we propose is a valuable tool in the property market,’ stresses Niall O’Higgins, President of Cream Property Advisors.  ‘Recruiting Anna Scipio del Campo, a specialist in sustainability and the environment, is an important step in our development. We can now offer a new range of services built on the knowledge and experience of great ESG experts and through our innovation & cost management specialists also provide real world solutions to buildings needing to transition to a greener footprint” he adds.

“I am very pleased that ESG issues have become a trend in the property market. This is going to greatly enhance how the industry operates and we, as a team of professional advisors, will have a part to play in this. A responsible approach to the topic of sustainability is a necessity, but also a great opportunity to strengthen the sector and rise up in the eyes of investors, who are increasingly looking at green properties and paying attention to whether their business partners implement ESG policies,” states Anna Scipio del Campo, Head ESG Projects at Cream Property Advisors.

Anna has more than 15 years of experience in the international real estate market and boasts a long track record of managing high-budget and demanding properties. Over a period of many years she has worked for companies that include GE Real Estate and Apsys Poland. The new director specialises in ESG strategy development and implementation. She has been actively involved in the certification of many buildings, mainly under BREEAM.  She specialises in office, retail and mixed-use properties. Over the course of her career, she has had a lot of success in crisis management and adapting to changing conditions. This includes her knowledge of trends and innovative solutions for the new operating and property management models, which includes hybrid and remote work. Anna is enthusiastic about healthy living and enjoys nature, travel, psychology, tennis and skiing.