Get real estate ready for sale


Sell Me – what is it?
With our Sell Me service, we will prepare you a red flag report for your property examining the two aspects that are most important: its commercial and legal status. The purpose of such a report is to unearth those issues that require attention before a property can be sold. The report is also intended to suggest how any risk factors that may be revealed or other issues that could be considered to be deal-breakers can be removed by setting out guidelines for managers, asset managers and leasing departments.

As a result it is possible to avoid your real estate being devalued during the course of the sale and instead raise its value by taking the steps the report recommends. The best time to implement our Sell Me service is when 5- or 10-year lease contracts are coming up for renewal.

The analysts and real estate professionals who work on our Sell Me service have many years of experience working in commercial real estate and include lawyers who specialize in M&A transactions.


get real estate ready for sale

Raises the value of a property before it is sold


Re-examines lease contracts in regard to a sales assessment


Highlights commercial threats that need to be eliminated and models the estimated market rental income from leases


Includes legal services

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