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Project management

This service supports Clients in their new build or refurbishment facilities in terms of legal and technical aspects and also, planning and monitoring a budget and a project schedule. We manage of all phases of the project from the conceptual stage, throughout the feasibility study, the procurement of all necessary contractors and consultants, design coordination, construction management, and reporting to assure proper communication with all project stakeholders.

Cost management

This is preparation and control of the project budget, tendering, value engineering, change management, contract administration, and management of the invoicing/cash flow.

Technical due diligence

TDD is the process of detailed inspections, analyses, and evaluation of the premises (including building conditions and available MEP services). A detailed report will highlight all potential risks and assessments of Health and Safety, Fire Safety as well as Services and Utilities.

Architectural design

It includes test fit preparation based on the conceptual design development, detailed design preparation or supervision, and multi-branch coordination, through permitting to execution of the design. Technical specification preparation. Specializing in offices, retail, warehouses and logistic centers, interiors, and leisure.

Coordination of tenants

Our PM Team runs a process of coordination of tenants’ construction works at each stage of a project, from the design stage to the final use of a building. An integral part of this service is connected with minimizing costs while maintaining the required quality and timeliness of arrangement works, satisfaction of a Client and a future tenant, minimizing changes during a project, and executing construction works in compliance with applicable regulations.

Bank monitoring

This service is addressed to customers whose investment financing sources are bank loans and to the banks that support them. Our knowledge and experience allow for the correct assessment and periodic verification of the works carried out in terms of technical and formal, in accordance with the project documentation, schedule, and investment budget.

Selected projects

Project Management


retail projects

A total of 20 projects were developed with GLA of over 140,000 sqm (including Galeria Wisła in Płock, Stara Cegielnia in Szczecin, and Familia in Gdańsk)


retail projects

Our first project from concept design to its opening (Galeria Askana in Gorzów Wielkopolski with an area of 19,000 sqm)


retail projects

Our second project in Gorzów Wielkopolski - NoVa Park with a GLA of over 32,000 sqm


retail project

Galeria Wisła in Płock - reconstructing the food zone


retail projects

Galeria Askana in Gorzów Wlkp. - relocation and redevelopment of the food zone


retail projects

Reconstruction of a hypermarket into a retail park with an area of 17.5 thousand sqm in Częstochowa


Fortress Logistic Park Bydgoszcz, Bydgoszcz

- Total area: 48,000 sqm (currently)
- 4 halls
- To be extended up to 90,000 sqm
- Owner: Fortress REIT Limited


Fortress Logistic Park Stargard, Stargard

- Total area: 11,500 sqm (currently)
- 1 hall
- To be extended up to 85,000 sqm
- Owner: Fortress REIT Limited

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