Why property & asset management in CREAM

We focus on providing the Investor a correct and complete communication and the best possible advice during the implementation of the project, as well as on ensuring compliance with the set goals and budget, striving for maximum quality and the best possible final effect.

Scope of services

What we offer

Complete offer

Property management

We have the most innovative Property Management Team in Poland. Our services support Clients in terms of the effective day-to-day operation of their building including technical maintenance, tenant coordination, planning and monitoring a budget, and reporting. We manage of all types of the building: retail, office, and industrial buildings.

Cost savings and innovation

Our experts have over 20 years of experience in their industries, which, combined with a business view, allows them to approach every issue on a multi-level basis and, as a result, propose solutions that optimize operational costs and implement new ideas that increase the value of the property.

Finance management

It includes lease management with reporting critical dates, rent and other charges invoicing, indexations, service charge reconciliation, debt collection, and management of delivered collaterals.

Technical management

Our technical director ensures that the selected facility management company maintains properly all installations in your building. He is also responsible for overseeing major works in the building as well as coordinating tenant fit out works.

Tenants coordination

Our PM Team runs a process of coordination of tenants at each stage of a project, from lease signature, during the whole period of the lease agreement to a final handover to the landlord. An integral part of this service is connected with a single point of contact for all tenants for improving communication between landlord and tenants.


We are delivering marketing strategies as well as CSR and rebranding campaigns. Based on an agreed budget we coordinate the whole process including marketing events, communications on social media, billboards etc.