Why choose CREAM Offices?

In a world that is becoming more hybrid and flexible every day, the demand for office space is constantly evolving.

More and more organizations are rethinking how they use their office and looking for new ways to get rid of unused space. Currently, 14% of employees permanently work remotely, and another 20% are both remotely and stationary*. This means that the demand for office space is changing.

* According to the report "Expectations, needs and attitudes of employers regarding remote work" prepared for the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

How can we help?

Scope of services

CREAM OFFICES intends to provide you with a COMPLETE SERVICE carried out based on established requirements, as well as covering all aspects of the process - location, financial, legal, technical, timely, and qualitative:

Tenant representation

Strategic advice on renegotiation and selection of a new headquarters

Cost optimization

Analysis of the costs of the real estate service fee, analysis of costs in terms of energy efficiency of the lease area, building

Technical support

Own team of experts to analyze the costs and quality of fit-out or modernization works, own technical team to supervise fit-out works (Project Management), and own team to support removal of defects after acceptance of the space

We will provide you with consultancy in the field of interior design through our internal design department.

We operate comprehensively

A dedicated team focused on a specific project

Individual approach

Own law firm in the group - option

Experience and foresight

Incorporate standards

technical team*

Technical team

Advantages and disadvantages

Relocation or renegotiations?







Selected projects

Our arrangements

We will provide you with consultancy in the field of interior design through our internal design department. Architect's supervision both before and after signing the lease agreement or annex to the lease agreement.

Trends in 2023

Warsaw office market

6.27 mln sqm

Existing office space

237 000 sqm

New office space in 2022

371 000 sqm

Office buildings under construction (Q4 2022)


Average vacancy rate

20 EUR/sqm/month

Average base rent value

Vacancy rate

Warsaw (average)
0 %
City centre
0 %
Outside the center
0 %

Area under construction by zone [%]