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Senior Leasing Manager 607 499 945

Andrzej Bobowiec

Andrzej Bobowiec supports the department as an associate in the position of senior leasing manager and leasing supervisor, e.g. Galeria Tarnovia.

Andrzej has almost 20 years of experience in the commercialization of commercial buildings. He worked on the lease of Galeria Sandecja, Plejada Sosnowiec, Nowy Rynek shopping center in Jelenia Góra, Copernicus center in Toruń, Galeria Biała in Białystok, and the Słoneczne Shopping Center in Szczecin. Previously, as deputy commercialization director, he was responsible for the lease of the Altus building (formerly Uni Centrum) in Katowice, where, among others, the Helios cinema or the Qubus Hotel chain hotel.