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Jacek Cegłowski

Jacek Cegłowski has over 20 years of experience in managing and advising the commercial real estate sector. He restructured and optimized large projects in the commercial real estate industry and large commercial companies at the request of owners and financing banks.

He coordinated commercial real estate transactions in Poland and acted as an intermediary in the lease of large shopping and office centers and the sale of mortgage-secured bank assets. He coordinated i.a. purchase of a shopping center for AB Property Group, conducted a financial and technical audit of Galeria Szembeka for Kancelaria Prawna SSW Spaczyński, Szczepaniak i Wspólnicy sp.k.

He facilitated the acquisition of clients for commercial real estate for the clients of Kancelaria Prawna Leszek Czarny Wojciech Budny i Wspólnicy and Imperial Capital LLC, he carried out audits and restructuring of projects for large retail chains and commercial real estate for Raiffeisen Bank.